Your Optimal Performance

Run by athletes FOR athletes

Some of you will be completely comfortable with the "athlete" label and some of you reading this will be venturing towards the X button thinking “Well, I am not one of THOSE!”  

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You could be proudly sweating following your training session or hiding your red glow under a cap, but don’t look away, I’m talking about you, both of you!

Athletes come in different moulds with different strengths and weaknesses, different ages and abilities. You might not identify yourself as an athlete …yet …but you don’t have to be on top of the podium to be one. 

I have trained myself through a few 5kms, a 36mile ultra run and pretty much all the common race distances in between. I have successfully completed an endurance ride to Paris in a little over 24 hours, a number of triathlons and a two-day adventure race. I have never been on the podium and sometimes after an event I can’t even face climbing the stairs!  Do I think of myself as an athlete? Hell yeah! 

Do some of these athletic credentials resonate with you?

·      You are actively involved in sport or physical exercise/activity 

·      You want to become more accomplished in your chosen activity

·      You are motivated, determined and driven to succeed

·      You are working towards a goal or desired outcome

·      You enjoy and are committed to the training journey

·      You want to be the BEST YOU CAN BE


Well then I’m not afraid to say it, but you have a new label … "ATHLETE".  

The team at Your Optimal Performance or “YOP” for “RADNESS” (“RADNESS” is a term borrowed from a RAD skater-dude in Hexham) want to help you succeed. 

At YOP we are on a mission to create strong and robust athletes capable of pursuing their sporting excellence at any age in life. We want to become YOUR ATHLETE HUB.

We want to be a little different at YOP, it’s because we have a MINT name (well that and the fact that we want our business to reflect our values). ​

Team YOP is more of a family, we have varied employment backgrounds (physiotherapists, gym instructors, sports coaches, nurses, kids, parents, business-owners) and sporting experience (runners, cyclists, triathletes, horse-riders, hockey players, skiers and boarders and that doesn’t include the stuff we tried and thought better of like rock running, paragliding, parachuting, fishing - the list is possibly endless), but we are brought together by a desire to support YOU in achieving your goals and be the best YOU can be. However, we benefit from helping you too, we get to improve our own knowledge and capabilities so we can be the BEST we can be, and we get to revel in YOUR AWESOMENESS.

YOP is about helping YOU smash YOUR long-term goals. We have a pro-active and all-encompassing approach to your health, wellbeing, fitness and performance, but of course if you do get injured you don’t need to go anywhere else; you can stay with the YOP family for your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.

Totally MINT, right?

The YOP model results in athletes who are stronger, fitter and more robust. Confident that with a reduced risk of injury you will be able to perform optimally in your chosen activity; essentially you are fit FOR your sport rather than fit BECAUSE of your sport.


“In my spare time I am a cyclist. For several years I have suffered with shoulder pain when completing longer rides and almost any off-road rides. To sort the problem out I have tried a high-end bike fit and have seen another physio over numerous sessions. The bike fit worked to some extent, but the physio works really had very little effect despite doing all of the prescribed additional exercises.

When I saw Kate for a sports massage, primarily to relieve shoulder pain and stiffness, she correctly identified the muscles causing the problem and also reminded me of the correct riding position to adopt when out on my bike. She has provided me with a few new exercises to strengthen the offending muscles which I have been doing regularly.

In addition to the regular specific exercises I have been attending Kate’s weekly Strength and Conditioning sessions. This combination has proved to be excellent and over the last few weeks I have found it possible to complete some longer rides (60 or 70 miles including both road and bumpy off-road terrain) with no shoulder pain at all. I am continuing with the muscle specific strengthening exercises and the general S&C sessions and I can feel ongoing improvement.

I am very happy to recommend Kate as a physio who listens to her clients and who has the skills to correctly identify problems and then provide solutions that work. For me and my particular long running discomfort she has guided me to produce outstanding results in a short period of time.”

Neil H