Mar 30, 2020


As some of you will know, I have been away in Mallorca , coaching on three, week long triathlon camps organised by Nirvana Europe Travel and run by Paul Jones from @F4LTriathlonCoaching and myself. Well three weeks turned into two, thanks to Corona or Covid-19, but that is a different blog!

A number of conversations during my stay in Mallorca, have led me to agree to put myself out there and start a blog.

My first blog is likely to be short and random, which some would say is like me!

This blog is about setting up a blog page on Dynadot, my webhosting.

Not being technologically awesome ... (yet) I decided to head straight for the Dynadot HELP page to look for instructions. This manoeuvre, resulted in a number of jaws dropping on the kitchen floor, as I left fielded everyone by not adopting my usual stance of "if you need instructions to work it out, someone else should be doing it for me".

Be reassured people, I have indeed managed to add a blog page and title bar to my website. I have also managed to change the font of the BODY text. Yay for me!!! What I haven't managed to do, even though I have followed the same process is change the HEADER font on the Blog page nor the date and time formatting even though the system says I have. Thus I refer to my previous tried and tested stance of "If I need instructions and there are none,  someone else should be doing this for me!"

So far, I have now wasted 40minutes of my time or more importantly an episode of SUITS (yes, I am apparently years behind for that too!)

Thus, here endeth my first blog, which, who knows whether or not I will manage to publish! You might need to let me know!