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YOP Conditioning

Here at YOP we see your athletic possibilities and want to work with you to ensure you are fit FOR your sport, not fit BECAUSE of your sport, which is why the YOP model is all encompassing. 

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation service is available if you are injured but really we want to work with you to reduce the risks of injury, make you stronger and more resilient and support you in the achievement of your longer-term performance goals. We do this by providing a range of conditioning options to suit your current needs and level of fitness.

Conditioning formats are varied and as we are qualified in a range of activities we are happy to discuss your bespoke requirements. However, as a starter for ten some of the conditioning sessions we offer include:

YOP Conditioning Mondays

YOP Conditioning classes will improve your physical movement competence and help you develop a robust foundation for your sporting activity. The class format is varied and encompasses a broad range of activities including flexibility, mobility, balance and proprioception, control, agility, coordination, strength, power, speed and plyometric work.

The conditioning classes are for sporty kids (year 5 upwards) and adults who want to improve their physical capacity and movement quality in order to perform optimally at their chosen sporting activity and want to have ‘fun’ whilst playing games such as Jenga dash.

Why are we restricting our kids’ classes to Year 5 upwards? It’s not that strength and conditioning isn’t beneficial to the youngest whipper-snappers but it’s important that kids have the emotional maturity to be able to follow instructions (the adults are bad enough - often it’s like herding cats) and the youngest of us slippery suckers. However, don’t despair if your bambino is an old person in a young person’s body – let’s chat about it and perhaps give it a try (but we will probably expect a parent to have their trainers on too and to take part in the session).

YOP Conditioning Mondays are held outside at Tyne Green or inside at Hexham Mart, the decision is generally dictated by the weather and the availability of the mart buildings. Kids - your first session is a freebie and adults you can “pay as you train” for the first couple of sessions in order to give it a try.

We operate a 10 week pre-payment format to make sure you get the most out of the session. Adaptations become evident after 4-8weeks of consistent training, so if you pre-pay you are more likely to turn up (even if it’s raining!) and thus reap the benefits of all your hard work.  However because we are cool and we appreciate life can get in the way, we offer a 15 week window to get your 10 sessions in. 

Check out the Your Optimal Performance Facebook page to find out the latest times and up to date price list.

Sports massage

Who doesn’t love having a fabulous excuse to lie down for an hour in the middle of the day to just relax and maybe chat about yourself for an hour? 

If that’s you, get yourself booked in for a sports massage, which is a form of deep tissue massage (hands on, shorts on). 

Sports massage often has a relaxing effect on fatigued muscles, particularly for those in regular training, however, the choice of different massage techniques can also provide a neuromuscular stimulatory effect which prepares the body for optimal performance.

There are different techniques available to sports massage therapists and we will discuss with you which are most appropriate for your needs.


The ever popular exercise format, PILOTS (or maybe it’s Pilates) was developed and has been practiced since the 1920's by Joseph and Clara Pilates in their 'Body Conditioning Gym' in New York City. Pilates is a low impact system of physical and mental conditioning designed to enhance physical strength, flexibility, and coordination whilst at the same time reducing stress, improving mental focus and fostering a feeling of improved well-being.  You won’t get too sweaty, so it’s perfect for before work or at lunchtime,but prepare to be challenged.

YOP would love you take advantage of bespoke Pilates sessions for you, your friends or your club-mates so come and discuss your requirements for Pilates sessions on a 1:1 or small group basis. 

Bespoke conditioning sessions

We want to work with athletes and some of the best places to find groups of like-minded, active people are in active clubs, so please spread the word... YOP can offer bespoke sessions for your club (or even a group within a club) in order to help you excel at your chosen sport.

Question: what does your club want? Some ideas of our previous club sessions include:

Turbo-tastic sessions – need motivation to keep riding through the dark winter months? We are happy to come and yell encouragement at you… indoors! 

The dreaded high intensity circuits – these short, sharp sessions can help hone fitness, especially in the off season. 

It could be something more, gentle like a post-activity mobility session to ease tired bodies after a long run or ride when you find standing up straight or walking down the stairs a challenge of a lifetime. YOP can meet you after your sessions and take you through a series of exercises that will ensure that you can all still move the next day.

Perhaps it is Pilates or Strength and Conditioning sessions targeted for your specific sport. Whatever, it is we are keen to hear from you to see how YOP can meet your needs. 


“Despite repeatedly reading about the benefits of strength training in improving cycling, I was struggling to fit regular strength sessions into my training and knowing what to do when I did get to the gym. 

Kate’s cycling specific strength and conditioning classes have changed this.  Signing up to a weekly class means I make time and it has become part of my training week.  The homework provided gives a focus for another one or two sessions each week which I can do at home and so I am able to squeeze them in between training rides. The exercises are cycling specific and started with developing correct technique (…which I was often lacking!), and over time building up the difficulty and weight.


I enjoyed the classes from day one – it’s great to be training with a group, but initially I didn’t really notice much difference in my cycling. However after about 2-3 months I suddenly found improvements in my 30 sec and 1 min power readings and was feeling much stronger and more, supple.  What was really striking was when I started Cyclocross training again. I tried a short steep hill that I couldn’t ride up the previous season and got straight up on the first attempt…the feeling stronger was definitely real.”

Lucy S

“Because of Kate's background as a physio, who also does a great sports massage, and someone who's fully committed to sport, including participation in ultra runs, triathlons and half Ironman, hers is a holistic approach. She embodies what she talks about.

Kate takes time to get to know you and to find out what your goals are; she wants you to succeed and encourages you with realistic but aspirational goal setting. Her workouts won't be easy, nor should they be, but she gets the balance right between motivating and supporting you.

If you want to get the most out of your training and avoid injury I would highly recommend Kate and the team at YOP.”

Linda C

I’ve been enjoying Kate’s Strength and Conditioning class since Easter and have noticed a steady improvement in my ability to climb on the bike, my TT times are gradually improving. Her sessions are varied in content and combine cardio work with stretches designed to enhance Core strength and stability. She is also providing a homework plan to ensure consistent progress between sessions. Kate has a warm and encouraging coaching style and listens carefully to her customers’ feedback. She takes a supportive approach that I believe is key to good coaching.”

Howie B