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Running advice 

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience of running to get an edge to your running performance or just to make running a bit easier.  Trust us to support you in achieving your personal performance goals. 

To effectively change and improve your running performance we need to build an understanding of the many factors that affect it. This includes your biomechanics, injury and training history, performance focus, strengths and areas of development, likes and dislikes, stressors, motivators and training availability. We use our brand-new state of the art running track (it’s called the road or the field!), a treadmill and video analysis to have a look at your gait and technique in a range of different running terrains.

With advice, commitment and practice you will see positive change in your running fitness and performance. You will also reduce the amount of any discomfort you may feel.

We have put together a number of run related options which might hit the tread on your trainers (see the list below) but to be fair we were being hassled by the web guy for content so ran out of time, so if you have a different idea, don’t go somewhere else, drop us a line and we will put a swing in your gait!

From our Run gait analysis option is simply what is says. We assess your running technique through the whole gait cycle and take the time to review and interpret your findings. We then provide you with a  summary giving you your running highlights, suggested areas you should work on and also give you some running cues to make running easier for you to our 

The YOP Run to Achieve package is our premium offering for those with a specific target race in mind and want to be sure they are optimising their performance. The Run to Achieve package combines the physical movement assessment, run gait analysis and associated recommendations with an 8 week strength and conditioning plan based on your personal needs analysis and face to face (F2F) sessions with the addition of a 16 week personalised run training plan (4x4 weeks).

For those keen to have more face to face contact, additional S&C or run coaching sessions can be added to the package.

If none of these fit with your image of Your Optimal Run Performance package - fear not! Let us work with you to create your own bespoke package, which has got to be almost as good as your own custom design running shoe!

YOP training plans 

Fed up with online training plans which don’t quite fit your needs and don’t reflect your hectic lifestyle? Have you got a duathlon, triathlon or 5k/10k/half marathon or even marathon goal you want to achieve?  We can help you build a training plan to suit your needs, ability and life. 

Come and have a chat and let us support you to achieve YOUR OPTIMAL running PERFORMANCE.

YOP to the Future

We have some more exciting news for you on some bike and nutrition related products and services you might be interested in so check this page out again soon!


“For three years I have trained and competed at international level in Powerlifting. In December 2018, I was forced to retire due to injury. As a highly competitive athlete, I needed to find a sport that I could compete in, that wouldn’t aggravate my injury and one that I enjoyed.

Since retirement, I had started to run a little and go out for the odd bike ride and although my aerobic level was woeful due to not doing any cardio with Powerlifting, I was getting the same buzz.

So, I found a Duathlon race and contacted YOP for help to get me race ready, I gave them 12 weeks!

I have known Kate for many years, but I was introduced to Karen, who had the task of working me up to some sort of athlete again.

In the five weeks I have been under Karen’s guidance, my running and cycling have been transformed. I feel stronger, faster and more confident in both disciplines, my aerobic fitness has improved beyond my expectations and I my technique now looks half decent.

Karen is highly supportive and encouraging and is quick to respond if I need clarification on anything. She also understands how I need to fit my training around my work and home life. She even managed to fix a blip on my Garmin which had been bugging me for weeks.

My plan now is to complete my first race under the watchful guidance of Karen and YOP, and then continue to build upon the good foundations and see where it takes me.”

Jo F