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YOP Physiotherapy

Have you perhaps been “multi-tasking” (e.g. checking Strava segments when out on your bike) and fallen or have you been a bit daft on your return to swimming after a 30 year break, started out on a daily 2 hour swim to find things are not all well with your body?

If this is you, our YOP Physiotherapy services are right on the money.

Physiotherapy is about helping people return to normal daily function and to sporting activity which has been restricted/limited due to injury, pain, inactivity or (in some instances) disease.

Physiotherapy is a collaborative person-centred profession, whereby an individual’s functional, activity or performance related goal(s) are established and achieved using a broad range of techniques including effective communication, education, advice, exercise, pain management, manual therapies and other stuff that help people return to their optimal performance. 

Here at YOP, we specialise in sport/exercise-based injuries which can pose a common and frustrating quandary for athletes. Do you stop your sport, or do you continue?

Injuries from sport generally fall into two broad categories: trauma and overuse.

A traumatic injury can happen in any sport but are especially common in contact sports (martial arts) and those requiring rapid changes in direction (hockey, rugby or chess…no, not really) or if you are a dizzy clutz and generally don’t look where you are going. 

Overuse injuries are common in many sports, especially where similar movements are repeated many times due to the repetitive nature of the sport. 

Many injuries result in pain and inflammation and this process can have detrimental effects on the surrounding tissues; the neuromuscular system becomes more sensitive, muscles become dysfunctional and weakened, joints become stiff and movement control diminishes. Of course, your mental health can take a good bashing too as what athlete likes going slower or being asked to pause/modify training to allow an injury to heal? It may feel like your world has ended (and not even your loved ones may like you at this point!) but it is really only “temporarily suspended” whilst you get some solid rehab under your belt at YOP. The sooner you get advice the better for everyone involved.

If you are injured, the YOP approach is to treat YOU, the ATHLETE, and not just the injury.  It’s not just the physical effects of the injury that need attending to but the detri-mental (see what I did there?) ones too. We will look at how the injury is affecting you, your confidence and your commitment to your comeback and put in place a plan that gets you back on track as fast as possible. 

We want to help reduce the risk of the problem reoccurring, which is why the YOP model is all-encompassing. We will provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation and we will create a positive environment to promote tissue healing and returning the body to a normal state of readiness. In addition, we will work collaboratively to explore the cause of the injury and provide advice, educate and support you as you strengthen yourself to help your body to optimally manage daily activities and the demands of your sport.


I was recommended to see Kate after suffering a long term groin injury which was limiting my running. I was two months away from my ‘A’ race and did not feel confident at all. Kate carried out a very thorough review of my condition and immediately gave me a programme of strength and mobility exercises aimed at tackling the problem. I continued seeing Kate on a weekly basis, each time an assessment was carried out before any new exercises were added. 

What impressed me most was Kate’s real interest in trying to help me, this was backed up with regular messages offering advice and guidance outside of the weekly face to face consultations. 

Over the period I noticed real gains in my body’s response to the training. The final proof however was me running a PB to come 2nd in my age group at a national race. Without Kate’s expertise and attention to detail I could not have achieved anywhere near my final finishing time. To say I highly recommend Kate for any short or long term injury treatment is an understatement. I will continue to seek her guidance and help and cannot speak too highly of her professionalism.”

Carl L